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The Abduction of Europe, Claude Lorren, 1655

The Abduction of Europe, Claude Lorren, 1655

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Claude Lorren - The Abduction of Europe. 100x137

The mythology in the works of the landscape painter Lorren has always been only a kind of starting point, allowing to draw the attention of the viewer to the perfection of nature. Here, too, the story of the abduction of the daughter of the Phoenician king serves as a plot designation, a tribute to the antiquity fashion and nothing more. The figures of the characters are too small and sketchy to pay close attention to them. The main characters of the picture are the sky, sea, trees, mountains ...

A clear blue sky covers the picture, clouds only emphasize the purity of the blue color, shading the deep greenish color of the sea and the green of the coast. Mountains visible in the distance beckon with their majestic beauty, make up the most distant work plan.

Huge trees, against which people look small and defenseless, form the basis of the plot decoration. The ship, standing in the harbor, adds to the plot an allusion to the imminent separation of Europe from its native land. The poses of the depicted people are unnatural, picturesque and static. They are intended only to revive the landscape, create a sense of harmony reigning in nature. The very atmosphere of work is full of peace and tranquility. What will happen will happen. That's all.

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