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Rehearsal of the ballet, Degas, 1875

Rehearsal of the ballet, Degas, 1875

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Ballet rehearsal - Degas. 55x76

As if prima descending from above, hanging in the air, is graceful, sublime and is already immersed in her stage image. She is one big bright spot, which seems to deviate from the darkness hanging over her.

She empathizes with another ballerina standing behind the gray-haired choreographer. Striking from below, from the ramp, bright light makes the rehearsal scene tense and similar to a live performance. The ballet director and a group of ballerinas next to him seem to be participants in one performance - dramatic and sharp.

The composition of the picture “accidentally” appears in the left corner of the canvas and flows over to the main event - the “flight” of the dancer along the outstretched hand of the dance teacher. The backstage is no longer the backstage, but the branchy green trees, the light green scene is soft grass. Everything is subject to "priesthood" - even the ballerina leaning to her feet in the foreground, who seems to be inferior to the imperious gesture of the hands of an elderly choreographer.

His figure, in contrast to the girls, even and confident with a sticky stick, creates the second center of the picture, definitely speaking about the harmony of the teacher and the students. That's just the right edge of the picture is occupied by a figure in a black suit, either an accountant, or an administrator, exclusively for the author's grotesque.

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