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Artist Edward Munch

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In 1863, in the family of Christian Munch, a Norwegian military doctor, a famous painter, art theorist, was born Edward Munch. These events left their mark on the further work of the artist and his life in general.

At the age of 16, Edward was admitted to the Higher School with a technical direction, but he soon decided to change his technical training to creative and transferred to the State Academy of Arts and Crafts.

The first teacher in art was a sculptor, and a little later, he became a student of the now also famous painter Christian Krog.

At the age of 23, Munch is given the chance to attend the eighth impressionist exhibition in Paris, which was the last. In the same period, Munch creates one of his most famous paintings, The Sick Girl. This work clearly reflected all the pain suffered by him in childhood.

In 1889, reaching the age of 26, Edward opened an exhibition of his personal works, after which he moved to Europe. The artist's exhibition in Germany was closed ahead of schedule, as his work was heavily criticized. In Berlin, Edward finds a muse who is the wife of his friend, the Polish writer Pshibyshevsky. Her image is reflected in the paintings "Madonna", "Kiss", "Jealousy" and others.

The summer of 1889 became no less important for the artist. This year, Munk rented a small house in Osgordstrand, but less than a year later Edward bought his own house. For 20 years, the artist visited his hearth every summer. From his words, it becomes obvious that this was his favorite and only place that filled him with strength and inspiration. Munch said that walking around Osgordstrand is the same as walking among his own paintings.

In the 1890s, Munch painted a series of paintings about love and death. In 1893, the most famous painting by Edward Munch - “Scream” was born. This picture is an important event in expressionism.

In the 1900s, Edward was the victim of an unsuccessful romance with a young lady from a wealthy family who was unconditionally in love with the artist. For a long 4 years, the girl insisted on the marriage, which weighed on Munch. As a result, to warm up feelings, friends made fun of the artist, saying that the girl died and showed the artist her body. This unsuccessful joke led to a conflict in which Munch injured his hand, leading to amputation of the finger on his left hand. From that moment, Munch's mental state worsened. After several more quarrels, in 1908, he was placed in a psychiatric clinic with a diagnosis of mental disorder, where he spent more than 6 months.

After leaving the clinic, Munch changes his style to a rough and sharp manner: strokes are large, the colors are bright.

When the artist was about 60 years old, he had a hemorrhage in his right eye, which extremely negatively affected his work.

The recognition of his work and fame began to comprehend Edward Munch at the age of 70 years.

The artist died at the age of 80 in Norway, near Oslo.

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