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Picture Military telegram, Vasnetsov

Picture Military telegram, Vasnetsov

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Military telegram - Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. Canvas, oil

A group of citizens at the new telegram with a review of military news. Such is plot of the picture Vasnetsov Military telegram. Among the townspeople there is a retired policeman, an educated girl, working men, a cabman, a couple of noble gentlemen. Military news interests everyone. One reads aloud, the other listens attentively. The only girl in the picture stands in the center of the group. Frightened, confused face. Perhaps her fiance or brother is at war. The rest, regardless of their position in society, carefully listen to the reader. The news is not encouraging, but disturbing. It is raining, however, only one of those present has an umbrella. The rest do not notice him. Wet pavement fuzzily reflects a gray and dull street. War is invisibly present in the picture.

It is no coincidence that the artist uses inexpressive, dull colors: gray, brown. They create an atmosphere of tension and fear.

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