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Painting Shishkin Pine trees lit by the sun

Painting Shishkin Pine trees lit by the sun

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Pines lit by the sun - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 70,2x102

In the picture, the main component of the plot is sunlight. Everything else is just decoration, background ...

Confidently standing on the forest edge of the pine, they resist the stream of sunlight, however, they lose to it, merge, swept away by it ... Only indestructible shadows lying on the opposite side from the pine trees create the volume of the picture, give it depth. The light lost not only to the trunks, but also got entangled in the tree crowns, unable to cope with the winding thin branches dotted with needles.

The summer forest appears before us in all its fragrant splendor. Following the light, the viewer's gaze penetrates deep into the thicket of the forest, as if taking a leisurely walk. The forest, as it were, surrounds the viewer, hugs him and does not let go.

The endless combinations of yellow and green colors so realistically convey all the shades of the color of needles, pine layered and thin bark, sand and grass, transmit the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the shade, which in the imagination easily creates the illusion of the presence, smells and sounds of the forest. He is open, friendly and devoid of any mystery, mystery. The forest is ready to meet on this clear and warm day.

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