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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA

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Not just because the city of Boston in America is usually called a poetic city, it has a very rich past behind its back, and its eyes are constantly fixed on a bright future. And indeed, this is one of the oldest and, of course, the richest cities in the United States very organically able to combine science with industry, and culture with education on its rather compact territory. Among such an impressive number of museums in this city, some of them are of great worldwide fame, and of course, the Museum named after Isabella Stewart Gardner is also in that number.

First of all, fame was brought to him by the well-known collection of works of the popular Sargent, which at the same time were gathered for very long years by the founder of the museum. For example, the paintings of Sargent, they are exhibited in many museums and most art galleries, both in the US and in Europe, but, nevertheless, most of his works were collected in Boston. So, firstly, for quite some years, Isabella had a fairly strong friendship with John Singer Sargent directly. And, of course, secondly, in addition to the collection of the popular Start Gardner Museum, you can also see it in the same Museum of Fine Arts and, of course, do not forget about the building in the Public Library.

Isabella Stuart Gardner herself, with her rather delicate artistic taste, was born in the family of a very successful banker from New York. Her future in the form of a good education in this family was secured from childhood, and after Isabella grew up and the time came for marriage, there were no special problems, and the marriage itself turned out to be enough for her profitable. Her husband was businessman John Gardner, a very wealthy man, thanks to which Mrs. Gardner herself was also able to turn her fast-moving passion for art into a matter that concerned her whole life.

The collection is rather large in number and quite valuable paintings of many Italian artists who worked in the Renaissance. In addition to painting, Mrs. Gardner also began to replenish various kinds of sculptures, drawings, prints, as well as all kinds of applied art, as well as various fabrics, glass, ceramics and furniture.

After her father died in 1891, Isabella was able to receive at her disposal in the form of an inheritance a tremendous fortune. The collection of Isabella, in which she began to invest all her finances and her soul with incredible new strength, in a fairly short time began to turn into one of the most communal collections of works of art in the whole vast country. That is why, after some time, Isabella, having secured the support of her husband, suddenly decides to build a special building for her collection, but, alas, Isabella Gardner has to deal with construction alone, as her husband dies in December 1898. For the construction of the building, a plot of land was chosen, which was located along the entire Fenway highway. Actually, from here the original name of this building went - Fenway Court.

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