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Old road from Anneri to Pontoise. Frosts, 1873, Pissarro

Old road from Anneri to Pontoise. Frosts, 1873, Pissarro

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Old road from Anneri to Pontoise. 65x93

In the summer of 1872, Pissarro moved to Pontoise again. He clearly thinks through his landscapes, returning thus to the paintings of 1867-1868. Cezanne, who works side by side, teaches Pissarro how to turn landscape geometry into a simple, dynamic and more open to perception form. Pissarro focuses on those elements that streamline the space of the picture, but do not change anything in the texture of the canvas, already accepted and mastered by the artist in the 60s: strokes remain separate.

At the same time, Pissarro is fond of the optical effect produced by mixing tones and colors, and this hobby further obscures the addiction to geometric composition - Old road from Anneri to Pontoise. Frost is a vivid confirmation of this. The theme of the winter landscape, popular with most impressionists, allowed the painter to deeply analyze the play of light and shadow - in this case, the shadow cast by poplars - and also accurately convey the overflow of snow cover. The artist is trying to show that everything in nature has its own color, and white and black do not exist, so the main goal of the painting is to capture the moment of golden grayness drenched in morning light. This painting, exhibited at the First Impressionist Exhibition in 1874, was immediately criticized for its primitivism, which is supposedly too mundane.

Nevertheless, the genius of Pissarro consists precisely in the endless manifestation of forms, lines and colors where this is least expected - even when depicting the simplest motive taken from everyday life.

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