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Vorontsov Palace Museum in Crimea, Ukraine

Vorontsov Palace Museum in Crimea, Ukraine

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In one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine, in the Crimea, there is a magnificent Vorontsov Palace Museumwhich is surrounded by greenery of a unique nature. Its construction was carried out by talented and skilled masons, joiners, carvers and masters of other professions. Many of them were civilian, and many were serfs. If you look at the palace, it may seem that it practically grows out of the ground, so skillfully it combines the natural relief of the area with the result of the work of many masters of that time.

The palace, in those ancient times, was the summer residence of M. Vorontsov, who at the beginning of the nineteenth century was the governor of the Novorossiysk Territory, as well as a very famous statesman in Russia. One of the most interesting facts that is associated with the construction of this magnificent palace is that the chief architect, who was fully engaged in its construction, was never at this construction site. He carried out all calculations and projects taking into account data received by mail about the terrain, landscapes and much more.

If you go over the palace-museum that was built from the side of the mountains, you can watch the magnificent suburban castle, which, possibly, belongs to some aristocrat who came from distant England. From this side, you can see a huge number of towers, unique carved cornices, spiers and domes. There are also pipes that lead to magnificent fireplaces, windows and stairs. All this creates a unique architectural landscape.

If you look at this building from the sea, you will see an oriental-style palace. The majestic staircase that leads directly to the front doors is decorated with stone lions, which makes the Vorontsov Palace even more magnificent and unique.

If you visit the palace-museum, then inside you can see the beautiful Winter Garden. On the territory of this garden you can see various sculptures that depict representatives of the Vorontsov dynasty and other sculptures that are made by famous masters of antiquity.

For many years, the Vorontsov family owned this palace, but in the 17th of the twentieth century, the Soviet government decided to make a museum here, which it remains to this day. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this museum became frequently visited by Soviet people who came to the sanatoriums of Crimea for treatment. During World War II, a large number of museum exhibits were exported to Germany. The damage was colossal. After the war, the museum became a summer residence for officials of the Soviet Union at that time. After Stalin's death, a sanatorium was made on the territory of the palace. All this has a very negative impact on the external and internal condition of buildings. But today the decoration of the palace-museum has become as close as possible to the decoration that was in the early nineteenth century. Palace Museum Vorontsov It is valid and receives visitors daily.

One of the halls of the Vorontsov MuseumAnother room

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