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“Naked on a blue pillow”, Amedeo Modigliani - description of the painting

“Naked on a blue pillow”, Amedeo Modigliani - description of the painting

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Naked on a blue pillow - Amedeo Modigliani. 65.4x100.9

An Italian by birth, Modigliani spent most of his life in France and is considered one of the artists of the so-called Paris school. His work can be recognized by certain characteristic features: flexible lines of figures, in models - narrow elongated necks, bowed heads, carefully modeled noses, eyes are often written without marking the pupils.

Modigliani created only portraits, he managed to combine formal stylization and obvious similarity. And even him beautiful nude women - not refined images, but in fact - portrait images of sitters. The warm, soft light range “enlivens” the paintings of the painter. The artist, among the first, began to portray the nude in a more emotional way. It was this fact that led to the closure of the first exhibition of the artist in Paris. Amedeo Modigliani's paintings, executed in the named genre, are unique pearls of his artistic activity.

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