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National Museum in Lviv A. Sheptytsky, Ukraine

National Museum in Lviv A. Sheptytsky, Ukraine

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The history of this wonderful museum is truly quite interesting. But let's look at everything in order.

The official date of the museum’s creation is February 1905. Moreover, it was created not only by a patriot, but also by a clergyman, who at that time held a high position in the church hierarchy. Lviv National Museum was founded by the Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky. Initially, the purpose of the foundation of the museum was to preserve and enhance the monuments of history and culture of Ukraine. And the first name was “Church Museum”.

By the way, it is Andrei Sheptytsky who is rightfully considered the founder of this beautiful museum. After all, the museum was based entirely on his funds, and initially all the museum exhibits (about 10 thousand) also came from his personal collection. In no case should you forget about the building of the museum for which the funds of priest Andrei Sheptytsky were also spent. To present the exposition, a villa was bought on Mokhnatsky Street, now Dragomanova Street.

In 1911, the museum received its second name, which sounded like “National Museum. Anniversary Scientific Foundation of the Galician Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky. "

In the Soviet period, the museum underwent major changes. So his name changed twice. The first name of the Soviet period was the "State Museum of Ukrainian Art", and the next - the Lviv Museum of Ukrainian Art. In addition to the name, the exhibits of the museum have also changed, because objects from many other museums that were closed during the Soviet era began to be brought to this museum. So National Museum of the city of Lviv He received at his disposal exhibits from the Theological Scientific Society, the People’s House, the library of the Basilian Order, the religious society "Enlightenment", the Lviv Greek Catholic Metropolis and the chapter, the NTS and many others. The total number of museum exhibits amounted to more than 80 thousand.

After the period of perestroika began, which did not pass the museum side. So, the museum itself moved to a new place, located at Freedom, 20, and changed its name to “National Museum in Lviv. Scientific and Art Fund of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky. ” Well, at the end in 2005 the museum was again renamed and got its current name.

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the museum's exposition. At the moment, the museum includes more than 117 thousand items. A visit to this beautiful place will be logged to all lovers of art and history.

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