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Portrait of Saxon Prince and Princess, Lucas Cranach the Elder

Portrait of Saxon Prince and Princess, Lucas Cranach the Elder

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Portrait of a Saxon Prince and Princess - Lucas Cranach the Elder. Wood, oil

Portrait of the Saxon PrincePortrait of a Saxon Princess

Lucas Cranach - a German painter and graphic artist who combined Gothic traditions with artistic techniques of the Renaissance in his work, wrote two famous portraits - the young prince and princess, children of the Duke of Saxony Georg Bearded. Cranach portrayed his models with sympathy, but nevertheless did not idealize customers.

Bright and serene seem like each other brother and sister. Blue-eyed, with long straw hair, in brocade robe and expensive jewelry, despite their young age, they still look very confident children, ready to face life's trials. In the art of the Northern Renaissance, there are probably no analogues of such studies in the field of children's portraiture. It is interesting to compare these works with Holbein's work “Portrait of Edward VI as a Child”, where the baby is presented as the heir to the throne in royal attire. In the paintings of Cranach, children are young nobles dressed in everyday clothes, but the simplicity and naivety in their image delight and captivate the audience with their sincerity.

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