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Vision of St. Romuald, Andrea Sacchi

Vision of St. Romuald, Andrea Sacchi

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Vision of St. Romuald - Andrea Sacchi. 310x175

The painter, whose work dates back to early European classicism, Sakki turned in this work to the history of life St. Romuald. Tom had a dream, reminiscent of the dream of St. James, who saw a golden staircase leaving for heaven with angels walking up and down on it. According to legend, the sleeping monks of Romuald appeared in white robes ascending to heaven. After that, at the place where he had a vision, this monk, who preached the ideals of hermit life, founded the monastery of Camaldoli and urged the brethren to put on white robes.

In the picture, surrounded by the monks of his order, a saint sits telling them about a dream, which is depicted at a distance. Plastically expressive figures of the characters, draperies of their robes bring to the scene the simplicity and grandeur that Sakki strove for, trying to overcome the influence of Baroque painting. While in the foreground the paint layer is denser, in the distance it is thinner and more transparent, and this emphasizes the unreality of what is happening there.

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