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Rest on the Flight to Egypt, Gerard David

Rest on the Flight to Egypt, Gerard David

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Rest on the way to Egypt - Gerard David. 50.8x43.2

Gerard David - the last of the prominent painters of the XV century. Who worked in Bruges. Although the artist does not forget the samples of his famous predecessors, he is characteristic, however, of refusing insignificant details and graphic excesses.

The main scene of the picture, of which there are at least two variants, is entirely centered on the figure of the Madonna, who feeds Jesus, who is obsessed with exceptional naturalness in the landscape. In the background is a traditional scene of the flight of the Holy Family. An artist who does not show love for details is inclined to display the essence of pure forms, devoid of any stylistic dependence, which gives the composition as a whole a spirit of calm and concentration: the work turns into an object of worship intended for religious contemplation. A similar mystical atmosphere also arises due to the color scheme, the play of green and blue tones, giving the picture a solemn dignity. The background landscape, extending to the horizon, is solved in subtle shades of blue and green and, perhaps, anticipates the landscape painting of Patinir.

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