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Fun company on the veranda - Jan Steen

Fun company on the veranda - Jan Steen

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A fun company on the veranda is Jan Steen. 141x131.4

Sten - an artist who is distinguished by his extraordinary originality - is one of the founders of Dutch art of the 17th century. His so-called "genre" painting is not inspired by historical, religious or mythological subjects, but reflects lively family paintings or episodes of revels in taverns. These works can be considered both plain evidence of the features of everyday life of that era, and as difficult interweaving of allegorical or symbolic messages that complicate the impression.

The scene presented here may also contain an edifying idea - a warning to good morality: the center of the composition appears in the foreground woman in blue clotheswhose negligence of manners, an ambiguous look and a smirk are obvious signs of a drunken person. Moreover, according to tradition, the red shoes worn on it were typical accessories of “frivolous” women. The purpose of the picture, in addition to depicting a feast in a fun company, is to present a moral lesson, without resorting, however, to a serious and mentoring tone, but with the sympathetic participation of someone who knows that a person easily becomes a victim of instincts.

Watch the video: Jan Steen 1626-1679 (July 2022).


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