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Alphonse Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Alphonse Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

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The capital of the Czech Republic - Prague, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as well as a city of art. Today you will learn what is Alphonse Mucha Museum.

This museum was opened in 1988 at the Kaunitsky Palacewhich is located right in the center of the city. For many, it will probably be a discovery to learn that Alphonse Mucha is a world-famous artist whose fate is very interesting. At one time he was not accepted into the Prague Academy of Art, and the reason for the refusal was "lack of talent." Teachers seriously regretted this incident, as Mucha became the pride of the Czech Republic. The artist never forgot where he was born, and even wore Czech national costumes in everyday life, despite the fact that he traveled a lot, and he rarely visited Prague. He began to be called in the French mood - Musha. This nickname was fixed until the end of his days.

Creativity of Alphonse Mucha very diverse. He was engaged not only in painting. Among his works you can find various city posters, unique photographs. He even staged some theatrical performances, and he himself developed costumes for these performances. The man was very smart, talented and multifaceted. The most famous series of paintings by the artist called "Slavic Epic", which visited exhibitions in Paris and New York. For such great achievements for the Czech people, they organized a museum that bears the name of Alphonse Mucha.

The museum itself presents only a small part of the artist's works. These are mainly various panels and decorations. Noteworthy is the workshop of the master, which has been preserved very well since then. Here you can see family photos, interesting pieces of furniture and much more.

If a museum tour Alphonse Flies If you find it tiring, you can rest in the beautiful garden of the Kaunin Palace. At the exit from the museum, everyone can buy interesting souvenirs for themselves and their friends with motives of paintings by a Czech artist.

The most famous paintings from the cycle "Slavic Epic", and indeed from the work of the Flies, are the following paintings:

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