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Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria, Egypt

Greco-Roman Museum, Alexandria, Egypt

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On the site of the small fishing village of Racoda in 332 BC, Alexander the Great laid the city, which was named after him Alexandria. Egypt has a large number of cities beautiful and interesting for its culture and attractions, but Alexandria is a special city for the history of Egypt and the history of the whole world. Here is the famous Alexandria Library, and the extraordinary museums of Egypt amaze with their originality and unusualness.

It is very popular among tourists. ancient Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria. Present to your attention 40,000 exhibits, which are directly related to the history of the development of Alexandria, various styles of art of these times. Ancient artifacts, large and small statues, papyri, sarcophagi, all this dates back to the reign of the Ptolemies, Greeks and Romans. Wooden and marble figures of various gods, the remains of the sanctuary of the god Sebek, as well as the mummy of a crocodile, who was worshiped as a deity in Fayyum - all this you will see in the Greco-Roman Museum in Egypt.

This remarkable museum covers a beautiful historical period when Egyptian culture interacted with the western. Bright, spacious rooms are located around the central garden. Most of the museum exhibits come from Alexandria, as well as its environs, the rest are taken out from other Greek settlements.

In the center of the hall №6 you will see a huge Apis bull statue, which is located near the columns of Pompey, and exquisite statue of the good-natured god Serapis, it was ordered by the Ptolemies to unite the Egyptian and Greek cultures.

AND sculptural heads of Cleopatra and Alexander appear before you in the hall number 12. The most important and valuable exhibit of the Greco-Roman Museum are terracotta figurines, which are located in the hall number 18. They were found in the Alexandrian tombs of young women, adolescents and children, impeccably conveying the beauty of life and the sadness of early death, they are dated to the end of ІV - the beginning of ІІв. BC.

Excavations are constantly ongoing in Alexandria; various mosaic panels and interesting statues are found here, therefore the collection of the Greco-Roman Museum is constantly updated.

The museums of this beautiful city have great historical value, but when going on a trip you need to remember that they work from 9 to 18 every day, except Friday. Have a nice rest and a fascinating trip!

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