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“A woman sitting in a lower shirt”, Andre Derain - description of the painting

“A woman sitting in a lower shirt”, Andre Derain - description of the painting

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The woman sitting in her lower shirt is Andre Derain. Canvas, oil

The French artist, graphic artist, theater decorator and sculptor Andre Derain studied with E. He enthusiastically copied the works of old masters in the Louvre, the works of Maurice Vlaminck and Henri Matisse had a great influence on the formation of the young artist. However, after moving away from Fauvism, which in his work coincided with the beginning of Cubism by Picasso, Derain continued his search in a completely different direction, lying outside of any innovative ideas.

In the 1920s, he developed his own style, based on a strict, classic pattern. In 1921, the painter visited Rome. At this time, he was fond of depicting female figures. In Italy, Derain improved his method, studied and copied the works of masters of the Early Renaissance, Bologna painters and contemporary famous artists. Motifs of Italian and Dutch painting of the XV-XVI centuries appeared in his paintings.

Returning to his homeland, Derain, gifted and well educated, sought to create a new French classicism, based also on the achievements of the previous century. Museum culture is exerting an increasing influence on the solution of painting problems and the artist’s technique: his female images resemble both Courbet, Renoir, and the works of old masters, nevertheless remaining modern works.

Such paintings include the “Woman Sitting in the Lower Shirt.” Here, the motif of a half-naked pompous beauty, bashfully covering her nudity, is combined with a portrait interpretation of the image of a young woman and situational fidelity of the chosen moment, and expressive volume-plastic modeling of the form and subtle gradations of a warm, solid tone coexist with an abstract, geometrically simplified background space.

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