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Immaculate Conception, Francisco de Zurbaran - description of the painting

Immaculate Conception, Francisco de Zurbaran - description of the painting

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Immaculate Conception - Francisco de Zurbaran. 128x89

Creating the "abstract" image of the Virgin Mary, the great Spaniard Francisco de Zurbaran, being a true Catholic, strove for simplicity and expressiveness, naturalness and unambiguity, not forgetting the aesthetic component. The idea of ​​the master is simple and ambiguous at the same time - we have before us Mary, the future mother of Christ the Savior, but with the appearance of a simple Spanish girl, a little angular and modest. Mary's clothes are also simple and chaste, which corresponds to the image of a girl whose birth miracle, and all her subsequent life, are completely dedicated to God.

The artist moves away from the usual plot of the Annunciation and depicts only the Eternal Virgin, hovering above the earth, surrounded by twinkling stars and a supernatural, unearthly, golden light. From the Holy Spirit the Savior of the World descends to earth and begins his earthly path.

The composition of the canvas is simple and balanced: the figure of the Virgin Mary is in its very center and is only slightly inclined to the right and down, as if covering the earth with a glance. Masterfully written foreground with sharp boundaries of light and shadow, creates a sense of ownership in the viewer.

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