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American Museum of Natural History, New York

American Museum of Natural History, New York

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One of the most famous and popular museums on the planet is american natural history museum. Vox, since then it was rebuilt many times, reconstructed, and today this museum occupies an area of ​​four blocks.

The highlight of the museum is considered library, founded in 1880, which contains a complete collection of diverse exhibits on the topic of natural science. This library has about 500,000 book volumes. This institution holds unique films, illustrations, photographs, as well as unique book collections. Here, materials are stored that relate to different fields of natural science (anthropology, geology, ornithology, paleontology, entomology, oceanography, mineralogy, ecology). Also in the library you can find a lot of interesting reports and information about research expeditions to all corners of our planet.

The American Museum of Natural History is located on the territory, which is conditionally divided into separate sections (halls).

On the ground floor there is a permanent exhibition of exhibits that gradually show the stages of development of all mankind. This hall presents exhibits whose age is more than 3.2 million years (“Lucy”, “Turkana Boy”, “Beijing Man”). Also presented here are exact copies of the figures of southwestern France (ice age, age - 26 thousand years).

In the hall of "precious stones" visitors will get acquainted with the rarest gems, the number of which exceeds 100,000 copies. Here are the most valuable stones: the emerald "Patricia", sapphire "Star of India" and "Lotus Flower", "Eagle Diamond", "Princess Topaz".

For lovers of space and everything unusual, this museum has Meteorites Hall. Here are the most unusual and rare meteorites from around the world, including the 200-ton Cape York meteorite.

The most popular among tourists is Fossils Hall. These specimens were collected in the 30-50s. 20th century. Visitors pay special attention to the fossilized skeleton of a tyrannosaurus, mammoth, apatosaurus.

In the hall of life of the oceans You can watch films about the origin of life in water. The real pride of the US Museum is the diorama, that is, these are samples of various corners of the planet with the flora and fauna present there.

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