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The Red Room, Henri Matisse, 1908

The Red Room, Henri Matisse, 1908

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Red Room - Henri Matisse. 180,5x221

Leader of the Fauvist movement, French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse in his works he strove to convey real emotions through a bright color and simplified form.

Monumental composition The Red Room the master called "decorative panel." It was ordered by well-known Russian collector Sergei Ivanovich Schukin for his dining room. The artist began to paint the canvas as “Harmony in Blue”, taking as a sample a decorative fabric with blue patterns. However, on the eve of the fall Salon of 1908 in Paris, Matisse unexpectedly radically rewrote it, explaining that it seemed to him not decorative enough and everything looked much more beautiful in red.

Pure red color absorbs the space of the room and the female figure, the plane of the canvas turns into a decorative surface. But the artist deepens the canvas, introducing a window motif in which you can see bright green trees.

Matisse's paintings look like bright decorative carpets. Color for him is the main expressive means, red on the canvas as if radiates vital energy, carries a charge of joy and optimism.

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