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“Young woman with a jug by the window”, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

“Young woman with a jug by the window”, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

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Young woman with a jug at the window - Jan Vermeer Delft. 45.7x40.6

After the victory of the bourgeois revolution, the national art of Holland turned almost entirely to the world of an ordinary person. One of those who sang the joys of private existence was Vermeer, who had lived all his life in his native Delft among people whom he knew and loved. He often portrayed women at some homework, and in the same surroundings: a white wall, a map on it, a window, a table covered with a carpet. In this case, the characters perform such simple actions as in the picture: the woman opens the window, holding the jug with her other hand.

The diffused daylight pouring into the room softens the facial features and contours of objects, fills the depth of paint. As Van Gogh wrote, “... everyone needs a marvelously blue firmament and the sun, which streams the radiance of a light greenish-yellow color; it is soft and bewitching, like a combination of sky blue and yellow in the painting of Vermeer Delft. " Vermeer was attentive to details: the jug reflects the blue drapery, and the surface of the pelvis - the carpet.

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