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Description of the painting Bryullov Horsewoman, 1832

Description of the painting Bryullov Horsewoman, 1832

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Horsewoman - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 206 x 291.5 cm

Bryullov's work brought a fresh stream of romanticism to the painting of Russian classicism. The artist’s works are marked by the affirmation of the sensual beauty of the human body, dramatic expression of images, subtle psychologism.

The painting “The Horsewoman” was commissioned by Countess Yu. P. Samoilova and depicts her adopted daughters. The main place in the canvas belongs to the movement. The eldest of the sisters - Giovannina - abruptly stops the heated black horse, but she remains calmly calm (it was this moment that contemporaries reproached the master).

The clatter of hooves and the fervent barking of a dog accompanying the girl on a morning walk forced her younger sister Amacilia to run out onto the terrace, the image of which was decided more vividly and brilliantly conveys the spontaneity of a little girl. The composition of the portrait-picture is distinguished by a clear geometric poise, and the exquisite flavor gives the entire work a ceremonial character.

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