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Madonna with Saints Anthony of Padua and Roch, Giorgione

Madonna with Saints Anthony of Padua and Roch, Giorgione

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Madonna with saints Anthony of Padua and Roch - Giorgione. 92 x 133

The greatest master of the High Renaissance, a representative of the Venetian school, Giorgione (1476 / 1477-1510), his mature, based on the sensitive interaction of color and light manner, laid the foundation in Italy for a new technique - oil painting. It allows you to accurately convey the nuances of chiaroscuro, the shape of figures and objects.

Giorgione was one of the first among Italian artists who began to give importance to the naturalistic landscape in paintings of mythological, historical and even religious subjects. The characters of this amazing altar image that amazes with its special mood are depicted in such a way that it seems that they are represented not in the interior of the cathedral, but in the lap of nature. The subtle poetry of the canvas is created by the visual fusion of human figures with the landscape achieved with the help of light.

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