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Portrait of a Girl with a Book of Poems by Petrarch, Andrea del Sarto, 1528

Portrait of a Girl with a Book of Poems by Petrarch, Andrea del Sarto, 1528

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Portrait of a girl with a book of poems by Petrarch - Andrea del Sarto. 87x69

Majestic paintings and a lyrical, warm-tempered portrait of a girl - these are two poles in the work of Andrea del Sarto (1486-1531), the Florentine artist of the High Renaissance. However, warmth and homeliness are present in this portrait also because the master painted daughter of her beloved wife Lucretia from her first marriage - stepdaughter Maria, which he raised as a native.

With a cunning look, the girl looking at the viewer holds in her hands a volume of Petrarch's love sonnets. For the first time, she touches the secrets of feelings that excite and attract her, the heroine wants to conceal her discovery and cannot do this, awkwardly pointing her finger at the lines she reads. All this is so accurately captured by the artist that the usual seemingly plot with a girl in love, unwittingly hinting at her elevated internal state, causes the viewer a warm and reverent mood. Such a depth in the disclosure of the inner world of a young creature, few reached during the time of Andrea del Sarto.

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